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Music and sound effects for creating and space content, such as videos, games, and stores

You can use music for creating content, music for effect sound and space, and sound effects.


Easy-to-use licensing management system delivery

Managing licenses is easy and easy with copyright management systems.


Best-quality music, sound effects

Various high-quality music and sound effects from all over the world are updated every day.

Are you a content creator?

Try using your music on your videos, games, apps, and more without worrying about copyrights.A lot of global customers are already using the music of the Music Label.

Choose the best quality music and sound effects in the world

Update new music, effects every day

Easy and easy to categorize

Various song management systems


Are you running a store?

Try more space music to impress your customers.Highest quality of music that even famous stores trust.Reasonable price starting at $4.99 per month.

Play it right out of the box without installing any programs.

Store Music Consulting Services with Music Professionals


Are you a musician or a music production company?

Distribute your music around the world in a variety of ways and make a profit.It is also available on general listening music sites such as Sportify, iTunes, and Melon. Through the Music Label, it is distributed as background music and store music, providing various profits to the producers.

Reliable settlement system ensures real-time sales are available

Provide English, Chinese and Korean services

Provide rapid customer service in your national language


What are the usage bans?

If the music is centered on rhythm games and music work, you can use it through a separate contract.


What do I do when I'm curious about the range of licenses in use?

Please check the license scope (link) or contact us at or the bulletin board of our customer to answer promptly.


Is it possible to discuss partnership or cooperation proposals?

If you send the proposal to the business partnership we will contact you after reviewing it.


Is it possible to upload songs entrusted to trust organizations such as the Copyright Association?

You can upload songs commissioned by a trust organization on a critical basis (portfolio) to promote them.

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